Holiday Blues

Walking thru a decorated

path way,

colorful designs and

greetings signs

lights up the display.

Music in the background

playing Holly Jolly’s,

twisting emotions

to sing

The Emotions “What do the

lonely do for Christmas”…

turning away,

a cold winter breeze snaps

me back to this year’s


started in


leap for growth

got cut into tiny pedals



shimmering heat

dried my feet


spared no tears

burying precious

family and friends

6 feet deep,

spiraling to


down and out

singing “Good Woman Down”

by Mary J. Blige,

wearing mostly

burgnany and black,

got back on track

to face


too cold inside

to be outside,

singing Holiday praise.



Underneath his

heavy jacket

his heart

frozen cold.


cling to him

in the winter

stomping boots

right thru

his mind.

Teasing heat to

unfreeze his fondness

beneath his snow cap,

his loneliness

touch hands

mitten by

chills to keep

him warm

purely, wearing no gloves

are frost bitten

to his touch.

Ice cold for so

long he sits

by the fire

in a reclinder.

Holiday Spending

Tis the season,


ring the money bells,

commercials advertising sells,

gifts to buy

must haves to try


the Holidays no joke,

no budget can leave you broke.

Shopping malls, open early

to close late,

to purchase plenty

at a discounted rate.

Let’s not mention decorations,

and office parties celebrations,

more to money to spend

writing gift receipts in pen.

Yeah, it’s happening again,

the Holidays are here,

cheers to HAPPY shopping

til the New Year.

Freaky Friday Episodes Part 1: Money Hungry

Double D’s match her banging


crazy, wild, and allure style

her representation

too head strong

long-lasting swallow,

for the right price

she’ll fuck in the thousands,

traveling across lands in packs

to meet men in their sacks.

Lonely Desperados pay triple

to try to flipper her into wife life

flaunting her in rings,

gold-digging she cut them off

at the seams

leaving them broke.

Friday 13th,

her greed got her to choke

up to her schemes,

she was beaten and stabbed,

found in the back of a Brooklyn cab.

Freaky Friday Episodes Part 2: Burnt

He was mesmerized

by her skirt at first,

her golden brown legs

glisten in the night light,

dancing with her homegirls

her body flirted

twirling and twirking

to the rhythm.

He stood and watch

from a far, taking sips

of his drink

his eyes met hers

in sync.

He slowly moved

closer and was granted

a dance, touching politely

turned into

one Friday night stand.

He woke up in bed

smiling with glee,

he didn’t care she left


he took his first morning pee.

Freaky Friday Episodes Part 3: Too Many

Friends with benefits,

a girl and a guy

met a few months back,

opposites attract

they mingle

into a honesty contract.

Emotions to be left


sex and alcohol was all it was

about….for months every Friday

they will meet up at their favorite

hotel stay…

One Friday night,

the guy invited another girl


The ladies got closer and closer

to turn around and laugh at him

he was the fool

to want to screw two,

both women

caught an attitude

and left taking his wallet.


Wind whipping

ferocious wildfires

in Cali’s zones

devouring homes

10 acres spreading to

2,000 acres in a matter of hours

as flames tower

forcing mandatory



frustrations and concerns

everything people own, could be


Salute to the brave Firefighters


National Guards Airlift

acting swiftly,

equipped with their

bunker gear

and courageous hearts to

do the most dangerous part…,

extinguish the Hell fire.