Twisted Into U

Sweet into your sugar spice

twisted together like starch

molded slowly and baked

like warm pretzels

I melt into your

tough brown skin

and evaporate like butter

to fix into the flavors

of Us…

in WE I trust

to rise up


ain’t all folks kinfolks

but the ones who are

ain’t got no


that’s why I dig inside


give you mine

being wrapped around you

is my Life

and that’s just


Kick- Off!

Every-body wanna tell me how to walk in my shoes
but their shoes have holes.
If my toenails have grown would you've cut'em?
If my ankles swollen, would you've rub'em?
My shoelaces became unlaced plenty of times you didn't tied them or tuck'em
cuz my foot says
you aint

Foodie Fool

Dining out to 
fine wine and cuisines
she knew the spoons
weren't clean enough,
and the fork across the table was gonna rough her up,
but she chit and chat
about this and that
to a succulent gourmet appetizer...,
it suprised her...,
poison in her fertilizer
it ate to devoured her,
delirious for the delicious,
it munched her expenses,
taste after taste she met her consequences,
shuddering her last breaths
for a decorated plate
too soon
for any foodie on a date.

@Copyrighted by JGomez

He Knows…

I got his back on cold days

when he forgets his jacket


on warm days

when he forgets

his homework packets.

I got his back on sunny days

when he forgets

his cleats for practice


on raining days

when he forgets

to be active.

I got his back

on sky blue days

when he forgets

he’s sweaty and needs a shower


at night

when he forgets

he played video games for hours.

I got his back

in the morning’s

when he forgets

to say good morning


he says, “I love you”


I love him back

so he won’t forget.

House of my Dreams

I want to build my new house with stone,

behind closed windows and locked doors

for everyone to leave me alone.

Paving stones stronger than concrete

to trap my two eyes inside 8,000 square feet.

Every room will be a reflection of me

Classic, Original and Beautifully- Unique.

I will have solid walls and a strong foundation

to safeguard myself from delegating frustrations.

My high ceiling will be the perfect picture

of many nightlight fixtures

of the stars and the moons,

for my nap

on my pilliow everyday around noon.


My life is interwoven

with the friends I learn to

know as I hear their joy and sorrows

as I daily come and go.

As my words linger

to be engraved in the ink of my plot,

twisting my fate and my heart

into a tempestuous knot…,

I don’t talk much

for I have written my life on

little pieces of trees

to be swept away in the breeze.

Behind the strength of my words,

I can see my despair

inside my soul,

to hear my own voice

struggling in pain,

to stay sane

as I try to be “normal”.

The world around me

passes me by

in blurs of color and sounds

not making sense

as I continue to plummet down.

As those same friends never notice


I can’t remember

how it started


I don’t know when it will end


I will give anything

to stand on my feet

joyful again.

Stellar Dynamics

I gazed upon the night,

with a notebook I begin to write


there’s no simple astronomy

to how this star found me.

His eyes greeted mine

A wave “Hi”,

a cosmic bling

we became a “thing”

kissing in Saturn’s ring.

I start a sentence,
He finished mine,

We said the same words
at the same time,

He laughed at my jokes when I want to cry,
He held me even closer when I wanted to die,

unbound by gravity

we laid down our heavy burdens

on Mercury banks

before the star dust

fell upon us

to lust

Our Stars

orbited back to Earth

cause we both found what was missing…,

Our stellar collision.